Best Air Purifier for Smoke

Are you looking for the best air purifier for smoke under $100 to clean your home air?

Worry no longer; in this article, we will giveyou a list of the best air purifiers for smoke. 

Airpurifiers are compulsory, especially if you have kids and pets in your home. Becausethe smoky air is very harmful to their health, it is also detrimental for phobiasfrom smoke or air pollution. It can cause an allergy attack. If you want toavoid this situation, you need to purify the air as much as possible. An airpurifier is the only solution to get away from this trouble. 

Youmay think that the high price of air purifier is more efficient. But you can buya low budget air purifier for your home.  There are lots of the best air purifiers under $100 in themarket today, which are excellent in quality. 

Our reviews will provide the most comfortableand well-deserved air purifier, which comes with the true HEPA filter and UVlight capacity. With these cleaners, you can quickly recover your indoor fromharmful air. 

We are bringing you some of the best airpurifiers available today!

Please read our product reviews below. Wecompare some of the best air purifier models out there in the market for you.

Now, we will let you know all the advantages, disadvantages, and product specifications of the best air purifier models that cost under $100.  

Top 5 Best Air Purifier for Smoke under $100 in 2021


Thefirst choice for the best air purifiers for smoke is the LEVOIT LV-H132 model, whichis the most famous and very functional air purifier on the market today. If youare looking for a great air purifier for your living room, it should be yourbest choice.                           

This purifier completely purifies the air where you set the device. It has higher customer reviews than other air purifiers. This model is the best air purifier with True HEPA Filter, which completely removes allergens, dander, pet hair, smoke, odor, mold, and significant dust elements, etc., from the air. 

Ithelps to purify the air by about 99.97% as a small device. The LEVOIT LV-H132 isa capable instrument for removing the smoke smell and for any other odor in theair in your room. This product is perfect for a small room, and it neverirritates you for sound. This appliance is also a high-quality device accordingto the price.  

Main Feature:

  • Filtration System: This system can remove up to 99.97% odor, pet hair, and dust from your home.
  • Upgraded Replaceable Filters: The motors are suitable for their replacement filter. This genuine Livoit replacement filter is very stable and improves efficiency for its longer life.
  • Noiseless Operation: In the 25dB operating system, it helps you sleep without sound.
  • Optional Night Light: Between two light settings, you can choose anyone according to time.
  • Filter Change Indicator: It has a smart replacement reminder which helps to remain when you need to replace it.
  • High Efficiency: This model circulates room air over four times per hour to purify the air.

Product Specification:

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Color With Optional Night Light,lv-h132
Item model number LV-H132
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight 6.6 pounds

What We Like!

Verysleek and small in size.

Twolevels of blue nightlight are fantastic.

Theair-cleaning process is super fast.

Itcan remove smoke odors as soon as possible.

Setupand replacement are effortless.

Thispurifier also removes your cooking smells.

Comfortableand lighter in weight for easy moving.

Thelow setting is super quiet.

Levoitair purifier is attractive in design.

Theprice of this model is reasonable.

What We Don’t Like!

Sensitivebuttons may irritate you.

Thereis no option for washing the filters.

Sometimest highest setting is a little noisy.

Theelectronic control is not suitable for this model.

Customercare is not up to the mark.

This model is an excellentair purifier for distressed patients by kitten dander, mold, and additionalcomplications related to breathing problems. You can use a different fan speedlevel setting to find the most effective for your difficulties. You will sleepbetter through the night that we are sure is because of this air cleaner model.We highly recommend this model. We are confident that the air purifier willsupport you in solving your breathing complications.


Forour second pick, we have a Germ Guardian AC4825 Air Purifier, one of the high-qualitydevices with a minimal budget. This model is a high powered three-speed setting airpurifier. Germ Guardian makes sure to purify the air just about 99.97% fromdust, pollen, smoke odor, and other allergens (as small as 0.3 microns). Thisproduct is best for less than 167 square feet of room. The UV-C blue lighthelps you to kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria, germs, etc.

It isvery suitable for where there is excessive odor for smoking and the kitchenroom. It helps to remove the odor very quickly. If you look for a purifier thatremoves odor quickly, this model can be your perfect choice.

Main Feature: 

  • Excellent 4-In-1 Design for Home: The True HEPA purifier is made with exceptional quality to remove smoke odor, kitchen odor, pet hair, and dust from your home.
  • Energy Tested: It is very generous to kill all kinds of airborne germs, viruses, flu, and volatile organic compounds.
  • Smart Option Setting: It has three intelligent speed settings with a filter replacement indicator.
  • Coverage Area: 22-inch air purifier can purify the air four times per hour at max setting in medium-large rooms up to 167 square feet (ca. 16 square meters).
  • Sleeping Mode: In the lowest setting, it provides you with a gentle white sound sleep.
  • Replacements: It needs to replace the filter every six to eight-month and the UV C bulb every ten to twelve months. 
  • Material Quality: Carbon and HEPA filter is best for cleaning tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen from your home where you set this purifier. This model energy star certified and carb compliant.

Product Specification:

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Color Grey
Item model number AC4825
Product Dimensions 9 x 5.5 x 21.5 inches 
Item Weight 7.00 lbs

What We Like!

Thelowest fan setting sound doesn’t bother you.

Itmakes the air noticeably fresh.

It helpsyou to take breathe easily.

Thisproduct works great and removes all kinds of bad smells.

Amedium setting works superbly for your room.

Youcan quickly transfer this smallish apt.

Thecustomer service is up to mark.

Thisair purifier carries the hum along without trouble.

Itreduces smoke smells and helps you feel better if you have allergies.

Thedesign and quality are fabulous for the value point.

What We Don’t Like!

Thelowest setting does not clean the room.

Replacementis very costly.

Sometimesthe highest and medium speed is a little loud.

Somereviewers complain that it has small coverage. 

Thismodel has overdone our expectations. The price of the air purifier is belowfour bottles of non-generic allergy treatment. You can set this model up inyour room and will not have to take any issues in the meantime. Particularly ifyou’ve big dogs or cats in your house, their dander needs a proper solution.After using this air purifier, you will notice a significant reduction in the numberof dribble spots on your cushion, which means you can breathe through yournose.

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1Air Purifier Review

This3-in-1 Air Purifier has great silent features, ideal for baby rooms and seniors’rooms. It has all qualities for cleaning the air appropriately. It helps tofinish 99.97% odor, dust, pollen, and pet hair of particles as small as .03%microns.

Ithas beautiful UV-C light and three settings to fulfill your requirements. Themost excellent part is it provides a five-year warranty. The air purifierdesign is adorable and trendy, which covers 200 square feet of your home. Likeother devices, Pure Zone also needs to be appropriately cleaned, and itswashing presses are so simple. According to its price, this is very highquality for the best air purifier for smoke under $100. 

Main Feature:

  • Purification Stage: The 3-stage air purification system helps clean the air from dust, pollen, smoke odor, kitchen odor, and pet hair.
  • Sanitize The Air: This product sanitizes the air, about 99.97%, harmful to you.  
  • Ozone Free: PureZone is 100% ozone free to keep you safe from lung-related illnesses.
  • UV-C Light: It has deeper air hygiene by reducing illness-causing microbes.
  • Decrease Restlessness: It reduces swelling for taking easy breathing for a long day and gets you a better sleep.
  • Easy To Use: It has a super touch button and three auto-timer settings, which save energy consistently after selecting one of them.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer provides a 5-years warranty. 

Product Specification:

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Batteries Required No
Item model number Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1
Product Dimensions 10.8 x 7 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight 6 pounds

What We Like!

Theproduct is very simple to set up.

Onthe highest setting, the noise is standard fan sound.

Ithas a carrying handle that helps you to move it around.

Trulysimple to exchange the filter and well organized.

Beingsmall in size, it performs precisely.

Excellentcustomer care service as you need.

Itremoves cat or dog asthma within 45 minutes.

Itcomes with a five-year service contract.

Theprice point is up to the mark according to quality.

What We Don’t Like!

Somecustomers complain that the air does not move well.

It isnot perfect for a large room.

Thisproduct is not suitable for reducing allergic problems.

Thelowest setting does not work.

Thismodel is a gorgeous product in your home, which freshens your air for betterliving. Without a doubt, this brand’s customer care is the best for qualityservices. So, if you have a sufficient budget, then this air purifier may be anideal choice for cleaning your home. 

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series AirPurifier Review

In ournext review, we will discuss VEVA 8000 Elite Pro air purifier, which is aunique and innovative model in the market.

Thismodel helps you to relieve allergy, asthma, and all kinds of odors from theair. They will cover nearly 325 square feet of range at your home. Aftercleaning the air, you can take a pure breath. The most excellent part about it,you will not see any change in your electric bill.

The VEVAis a high-quality international brand with four premium activated carbonpre-filters. The product is entirely ozone free. This device eliminates 99% smoke smell, dust, pet hair fromthe air.

Main Feature:

  • 4 Activated Carbon Filters: This four premium enabled carbon filter quality is ideal for those who suffer from asthma and allergy problems.
  • Warranty Duration: 2-year warranty time and has lifetime services from the manufacturer and lifetime support from VEVA.
  • 3 Fan Speed Setting: It has a powerful and quiet fan speed setting for better use.
  • Ozone Free: The Veva 8000 provides a 100% ozone free product and is also useful for all family members.
  • Ideal Selection For All Places: This device is a very sleek design and perfect for the home, office, or any other place.
  • True HEPA Filters: This True HEPA filtration system can capture maximum airborne particles such as smell, dust, pollen, germs.

Product Specification:

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Color Black
Batteries Required No
Item model number VEVA8000
Product Dimensions 9 x 8 x 23 inches
Item Weight 6.7 Pounds

What We Like!

Thisunit covers any room to purify the air in your house.

The priceis considerably low for this product.

VEVA8000 recommends you to replace any TRUE HEPA filter.

The highestspeed is amazingly silent.

Easyto set up and very comfortable to use.

Theyare handy and safe for your kids and pets.

Itmakes your room smell fresh very fast.

Thefilter design is up to mark.

Productshipping and customer service are remarkable.

What We Don’t Like!

Somereviewers point out that the quality is low.

Themotor smells like it is burning.

Thewarranty time is shorter than the other brand.

Theonly black color is available. 

TheVEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier is a very economical product accordingto its high quality. The fixed size of the model fits every room. You can movethe air purifier into a different place as the weight is too light. It has almost removed the odor of cigarettes,which infused the specific room of your home.

Hamilton Beach True Air AirPurifier Review

Our list’s fifthselection is Hamilton Beach True air purifier, which gives you very healthy airin your room. This product cares for the health of those suffering from asthmaand allergy.

Though it has no lightindicator, it’s effortless to open while you need to wash the filter. It coversa pretty good area at your home and cleans the air correctly. Three fan speedsettings keep quiet when you are on it.

This model comes withtwo permanent replaceable carbon zeolite filters. So, you need to change yourfilter and save your money. These zeolite filters work very actively to removepet hair. 

Main Feature:

  • Filtration Stage: It has three stages True HEPA filter, two replaceable carbon zeolite filters, and a permanent prefilter.
  • Right HEPA filter: This filtration system catches 99.96% pet hair, kitchen smell, smoke smell, dust. 
  • Ultra-Quiet Filter: Comes with a peaceful fan speed setting structure. 
  • Reliable And Quick Process: This medium setting cleans the air quickly. 
  • Warranty: The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty for this model. 
  • Coverage Area: True Air purifier covers your room or office up to 140 square feet (ca. 13 square meters) area. 
  • Replacement Duration: You can replace filters from model Numbers 04230G, 04231GW, or 04234G, which is ideal for this model. 

Product Specification:

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Color White
Batteries Required No
Item model number 04384
Product Dimensions 10.84 x 8.08 x 16.43 inches
Item Weight 6.3 pounds

What We Like!

It truly takes away all kinds of dust and dirt.

This purifier helps to remove pets, and smokeadores.

This model is the perfect size for any room.

Youcan reuse this air purifier.

TheCarbon filter replacement is not costly

Cleaningis so easy with a vacuum.

Theair is fresh within a few minutes.

Verydurable and sturdy unit.

Theoperating system is relatively easy.  

What We Don’t Like!

Thelook of the product is a little old.

Somereviewers complain about its customer service.

It isnot an ideal choice for a large room.

Oneyear warranty is a short time compared to the other brands.

Ifyou need a very simple and low-maintenance purifier for removing all kinds ofproblems from the air, this device can be your choice.  This model is easy to bring together, but then again, the“long-lasting” HEPA filter is frilled now and then. No way you’regoing to be able to vacuum this. Most of the air filters are so costly, so itis good to see this affordable model. It would work decent for you, so werecommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I smoke in mybathroom, will these models eliminate the smell?

This issue depends on what you are smoking. You should alsoconsider if you are blowing your smoke straight into the air purifier or not.Everything with substantial tar remains may attach to the surfaces. Generally,these air purifiers remove just about all Odor complications you’ve had. Nomatter if we are talking about pet smells or overcooked food, these models workcorrectly, and the air quality is outstandingly not the same. They work greatin your rooms, which don’t change in temperatures every so often, and leastfoot movement.

Are these airpurifiers perfectly reusable filters? Can we clean these models out and retainusing them?

As you know that each replacement filter has a fixed lifespan toensure proper consumption in air cleaning. These replacement filters are notwashable, and you cannot use them again. Simultaneously, they are dirty, asthis issue possibly will disturb its compactness or arrangement. We recommendyou alter your reusable filter 6-7 months, and not more than half of the costof these air purifier models might pass you the entire-year of fresh air.Considerably they are lesser than other air purifier filters of which price thesimilar on offer.

Are these replacementfilters washable?

If you are talking about HEPA filter models, they are notwashable at all. In case you are using the black charcoal filters, which theytrade with the HEPA or any other single filter, you can use your shop vacuum toget rid of the dirt out of your filters. You might replace it after one or twoweeks, and the air quality of your room will be sufficiently fresh.

Are the UV bulbsreplaceable if I need them?

We also think so; however, you can see the authority website andcontact the manufacturer to ask your quarries. They’re swift to respond. The UVbulbs generally have a more than twenty thousand hour lifespan. Therefore wemight predict they last a minimum of 5-6 years with regular use. You can cleanthe sizable outside unit filter one or two times each month and change theentire filter item every six months. We like these purifiers. If you buy itonce, surely you will buy it for the second time.

Complete Buying Guide: Best Air Purifier For Smoke Under$100

If you want to buy the perfect air purifier for smoke, considersome primary aspects. This buying guide will help you find the proper modelwhile buying your air purifier for smoke:

Proper Care: FirstThings to Look

If your air purifiers’ functioning for smoke runs efficiently,you can maintain the model correctly. You need to make sure that you have acomplete idea about the budget you require to pay for your appliance’s washingand preservation.

Replacement of theFilter: Next Things to Consider

You need to check out the filter replacement budget whileplanning to purchase your HEPA air purifier. Filter lifespan relies on thequality and use of the air. Usually, a HEPA filter has more than 2000 hrs ofthe life cycle. You should replace your filter within 6 to 7 months.

Automatic MonitoringSystem: Must Needed Feature

While you decide to buy a new model, do not forget to check yourair purifier’s automatic monitoring system. This feature will detect the toxicwaste levels in your room. Most Air purifier models complement anelectromagnetic sensor monitor, particulate in the atmosphere, and consequentlyfine-tune the speed correctly.

Noise Level:Additional Feature

This feature is also essential, particularly if you plan to hangonto the machine in the room. It’s sensible to choose a big model and track itat a small amount of speed for improved proficiency and noiselessness.

Power Depletion: Don’tforget To check

Unlike every other machine, different air purifiers for smokerequire different volumes of power to work correctly. As all these models needto function regularly, you have to think about the service charge beforedeciding to buy your purifier. They commonly use just about 50 to 200 watts forproper running. You have to select one of the models that devour reducedenergy.

Brand Value: ImportantFeature

While you are buying your model, make sure that you check thecompany’s reputation. It would help if you went through the customer reviews toknow about them before thinking about the ultimate choice. You must select acompany with a decent brand value in this business and offer specially selectedproducts.

Warranty Issue: LastBut Not Least!

Warranty is the most critical feature while planning to purchasean air purifier for smoke for a long time. You should make sure that you payattention to the company service contract to avoid problems sooner or later.Before getting your preferred model, you must have explicit knowledge ofwhether the machinery parts of the model, such as fan, motor, filter, or theelectrical types of machinery, are protected under the proper warranty.

Final Words:

You should find and list down your demand before selecting the air purifier. We have given all information andproduct features about the best air purifier under $100 for you. You shouldread carefully to know the basic features, benefits, and disadvantages of allair purifier models. 

An air purifier is excellent for removing the smoke from the indoor air, which is very important for you and your family. In our choice, you can purchase the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier for your home. Our product reviews and buying guides will help you to make the right decision. So, we hope this review article will help you. If you want to know about air purifiers’ cleaning process, this “how to clean air purifier” will help you understand everything related to this issue.

Hopefully,you will like these models. If you have any questions regarding this article,please comment on us. Our expert will assist you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!