If you use the best pool vacuum head, that will make your vacuummaintenance simple. They give a lift to extra rubbish and dirt than a brush anddust collector. Therefore, the pool ground will look clean without that grittydeposit. Also, you can look after your floor from marks and scratches.

The main issue is that you will find lots of vacuum companies aimingto lead the customer’s desire for a rapid and straightforward cleaningcapability. And pool vacuum heads are the solution in that case.  But the question is, which model is perfectfor your job and which model is garbage? Another issue is how you can chooseyour model?

If you are looking for the best pool vacuum head, you are in theright place. This article will discuss the top vacuum head models with theiressential features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Let’s start!

Bestall-rounder: Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head

BestEconomic Pool Vacuum Head:  Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head

Bestfor price and consistency: Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

Whatis the best pool vacuum head?

After 50 hours of thorough research, our review team decides thatthis SwimlineWeighted Flex Vacuum Head model is the best pool vacuum head in the market.This model works exceptionally well. You can use the pool vacuum head for 2 to5 years on several pools. You don’t have to worry about fastening the springsystem, and it works perfectly as well. Also, the rollers slide across yourpool exterior very much effortlessly. It is relatively lighter in weight, andyou can do your job flawlessly to pick all the grime up and refrain from thebase part and borders of your pool. The price is also reasonable for beginnerusers. The most important advantage of this model is it can easily pick thesmall contests.

SwimlineWeighted Flex Vacuum Head Review

Swimlineis one of the biggest manufacturers of pool accessories around the world. Theyproduce quality products that are why their popularity is increasing day byday. Not only pool liners, vacuum heads, pool cover, but also nowadays they providepool toys, floating accessories, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for the bestprice and consistent product, you can try this one. Let’s have a look at its productspecification –

Product Specification 

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Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Item model number 8150
Size One Size
Product Dimensions 13.5 x 7 x 4 inches
Item Weight 2.45 pounds

Key Features

  • Durable weighted vacuum head with strong wheels
  • Fits with standard size hose pipes and easy to handle
  • Comes with a flexible handle that make your task easier
  • Easy to clean heavy dirt due to its exact weighteddesign

Swimline pool vacuum head comes with aneasily handled and flexible design. The Blue and white combination provides atrendy look for it. The assembling or set up procedure of this product is veryeasy. You don’t need any unique tools for this cleaning product. Moreover, theproducer provides a clear instruction book for your help. The vacuum head iswell-suited with both 1.25 and 1.50 inches hoses. The trouble-free andstraightforward design makes your task super flexible. This vacuum head is oneof the best economical pool vacuum headsin the market.

Due to the product’s exact weight, it will remain steady onthe pool surfaces and has good coverage around the pool surface. Within a shorttime, you can cover a large area of the dirty pool. The flexible handle of thisvacuum head provides sufficient pressure to clean the heavy dirt quickly. Thisfeature provides the customers to give both little effort and also less time.The durable plastic construction of the vacuum head is resistant to rust and substantialdamage. Overall, the Swimline pool vacuumhead is an excellent product for personal or commercial swimming pools.

What We Like!

The vacuum head seemsvery sturdy.

Swimline vacuum headsare easy to use for cleaning your pool.

The model works excellentwith no spring.

It moves very smoothlyin your pool bottom.

The price of thisproduct is up to the mark.

Excellent qualitymaterials

The weight of theproduct is perfect for moving across the pool bottom.

This model is helpingyou to clean the pool faster.

Easy to set up withthe handle.

The suction is greatfor cleaning.

What We Don’t Like!

Some reviewers complain that the vacuum head doesn’t fit the pool hole.

The connection of the hose is a bit small forcleaning.

The product is not long-lasting.

Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head Review

A qualityproduct is vital for maintaining your pool sanitization. Milliard is the nameof a trustworthy brand for producing exceptional products. You can see abouttwo thousand customer reviews on Amazon.com. The design of the vacuum head isperfect for cleaning dirt from the corner area of the pool. This model is an excellent product forcleaning your pool debris and dirt. Let’s have a look at the productspecification before starting the details-

Product Specification 

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Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Item model number MIL-SWM123
Color Original version
Product Dimensions 13.39 x 3.94 x 12.99 inches
Item Weight 3.25 pounds

Key Features

  • The see-through and triangular shape design perfect foryour pool
  • Comes with full cleaning surface with seven soft bristlebrushes sets
  • Durable and flexible ABS plastic body construction
  • Resistant to all type of common-pool chemical

Milliard see-thru pool vacuum head comes with ABSplastic construction vacuum head. ABS plastic products are generally durableand suitable for heavy-duty works.  The transparent andtriangular shaped body is ideal for doing all cleaning activities for yourpool. The vacuum head will attach any standard size 1.5 or 2-inch suction hose to the pool filter. The most fantasticfeature of this vacuum head is the see-through design that you can observe thejob correctly. The triangular shape will help you to clean every corner of thepool. The rubber bumpers are included on the sides of the vacuum head to avoidscratches and hurdles. To reachthe pool floor and attach it with the vacuum head has the exact weight.Therefore, you can handle the whole cleaning procedure without any problem. Thevacuum head comes with nylon brushbristles, which are very gentle for your well-painted pool floor.

The head’s handle is spring-loaded, which is very easy to move aroundyour targeted dirt and pollution. The eleven-inch cleaning surface comes withseven sets of soft bristle brushes.

You will get top class customer service from Milliard. They always ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

What We Like!

The design and color of the product are soattractive.

You can easily connect the head with poles andhoses.

It is simple to push around into the ground pool.

The customer service is remarkable.

Cleaning is such effortless work with this head.

The triangular shape makes it relatively easy tohose your pool.

Milliard vacuum makes their product much moredurable than other brands.

The product price point is on top of things.

It comes with the perfect weight for holding forcleaning.

The contraction of the brush is perfect for takingall debris to the vacuum pot.

What We Don’t Like!

They are not ideal choices for large pools.

Some reviewers complain that it is a little hard tocontrol.

The connection point should be a little moredefinite.

It isn’t easy to move without wheels.

Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head Review

If you want a quick, easy, and suitable vacuum head for yourpool, then the Aquatix Pro pool vacuum head will be an excellent solution foryou. Aquatix provides professional and quality products at a very reasonableprice. This model is the bestall-rounder vacuum head. So, let’s jump for the detail-

Product Specification 

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Customer Reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars
Material Type Heavy Duty
Product Dimensions 15.4 x 7.7 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.94 pounds

Key Features

  • Full cleaning head with four weighted plates
  • Durable and flexible aluminum handle with EZ clips
  • Comes with exceptional durable wheels
  • Suitable for all types of pools

You will get better cleaning results with minimum effort. Aquatixis another reliable brand that you will try for your pool cleaning like a professionaltask.The brand always strives to deliver a better quality product based on customer’sdemand. Aquatix is also aninternationally renowned brand. This vacuum head will make you satisfied withits excellent cleaning ability.

Thepool head comes with a heavy-duty professional-grade cleaning area with durablewheels.  This vacuum head is mostsuitable for concrete pools for the wide cleaning head area. The cleaning areaof this vacuum head is about 14 inches wide, making your cleaning task easierwith less time. If you need a quick task vacuum pool head, then this product isas perfect as you want.

Moreover,the Aquatix Pro pool vacuum head can work withany standard pool vacuum hoses. You can use the vacuum head for concrete orplaster pools. The vacuum head comes with a professional quality aluminumhandle that will provide excellent gliding motion for cleaning heavy dirt. Thehandle will long-lasting due to its durable construction materials.  

Themanufacturer provides all the necessary equipment for setting up the poolvacuum head. So, you don’t need anything to use it just after purchasing theproduct. The producer also offers a one year guarantee. If you have anycomplaints about this product, you can claim money back from them.  Aquatix willgive you money back without asking any questions.

You don’t findthis kind of product warranty from any other company.

What We Like!

The stainless steel vacuum works great.

The suction power is suitable for the pool’s floorcleaning.

It is smooth enough to roll over the pool bottom.

The aluminum handle is the best part of thisproduct.

Perfect weight stays on the bottom without anyproblem.

The vacuum is very easy to use.

Cleaning is so fast and picks up every dirt in itsstock.

This model is long-lasting and durable.

The product price is economical and up to the mark.

Flexibleto use.

What We Don’t Like!

Thehose sometimes gets loose.

Somecustomers complain that it is heavy enough for them.

Springcomes off while cleaning.

Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head Review

SP1068 Pool Vacuum cleaner head is another see-through poolvacuum cleaner head from Hayward.See-through design is easy to observe what you will need to do to prefer thistype of pool head. The triangular shape of this vacuum cleaner is preferable formost of the customers. So, here we go for the details of this product-

Product Specification 

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Triangular
Item model number SP1068
Product Dimensions 11.25 x 10.75 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight 2.8 pounds


  • Triangular shape vacuum head comes with three brushessets
  • See-through durable thermoplastic construction
  • Comes with 360 degrees revolve hose connector hole
  • Suitable for threatening algae spots

From our top five best pool vacuum headlists, the most demandable design is the see-through feature. People prefer tosee through and triangular shape vacuum head. You can see the instant result ofthe pool floor clean with this feature of the vacuum head. On the other hand,triangular shape heads are suitable for cleaning the corner area of the pool.Both the desire features are present in this Hayward pool vacuum head. If youare wise enough, then don’t waste your time on the other less essential elements.

The manufacturing material of thisvacuum head is durable thermoplastic. Moreover, the durable brushes providegreat effort to clean the pool surface and upper part. Mostly when your poolhas algae spots wrongly, this vacuum head makes your task easy. The hosepipeconnector has a 360 degree revolve feature. Therefore, it is easy to movearound the vacuum head with super flexibility.

Although the head brushes fragmented after a few years, you canstill use the model by epoxying resin or various even plastic parts to thebottom. Sooner or later, the arm which attaches to the pole might break, but youshould buy a similar pool cleaner after seeing all the further alternatives.Hopefully, the brushes will re-engineer to last for a long time, but this poolvacuum head is incredible!

What We Like!

The price of thismodel is economical and reasonable.

The longevity of thisvacuum is remarkable.

Its design is sobeautiful and the best style head on the market.

The weight is perfectand easy to use.

Hayward brand is thebest made and works great.

They pick every dirtso fast.

Very smooth head.

This right tool is sosturdy and durable to make the job easier.

It effectively staysin the pool when cleaning.

You can clean yourpool without any effort by this head.

What We Don’t Like!

Some reviewerscomplain that it is sticking to the base.

This model is a littlechallenging to move.

Sometimes springcomes off.

The attachment is alittle weak.

FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head Review

Different consumer grades are out on the market nowadays; theFibroPool Professional Flexible Vacuum Head comes with commercial-grade qualitymaterials. The conventionally rigid PVC construction and wheels are not doingthe job as a professional cleaning head. FibroPool is using thermoplasticmaterial instead of cheap resources like others. Therefore, you should try thisfor your pool because you will get professional service at a budget-friendlyprice.

Product Specification 

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Item model number Eight wheel
Product Dimensions 14 x 8 x 3 inches
Item Weight 4 pounds

Key Features

  • Wide cleaning head area includingeight durable wheels
  • Long-lasting, high-qualitythermoplastic construction material
  • Comes with six combined weights thatwill provide proper balance
  • Stainless steel metal handle isincluded with it
  • Flexible wheels come with metalbearing balls

This expert and professional swimming pool vacuum head cansupport massive areas at a time. Therefore, you can do your task with less timebut more efficiently. It consists of a stretchy body that will effortlesslycover all the lines and corners of the pool. The durable and sturdy wheels ofthe vacuum head will make your task easier. The wheels are suitable for keepingthe pool surfaces damage free.

If you have enough time, then do some research on Amazon.comand see the customer reviews. You will find that the previous customers lovethis product and gave useful comments on it. The perfect weight of the vacuumhead can clean both the floor and walls of the pool. We think it is the bestpool vacuum head for heavy algae spots on the pool floor.

The vacuum head comes with a chrome plate durable handle.The handle and the whole body of the head are resistant to rust anddiscoloration. Some customers are not satisfied with this product because theyget faulty products. But it does not mean that all products are harmful. If youcontact the maker, they will change your product as soon as possible.

What We Like!

Theylast for a long time.

The construction ofthe product is too durable.

The product price is reasonableand up to the mark.

In the cold weatheror water, it does not crack.

The quality of thebrand is excellent and substantial enough for cleaning comfortably.

You can roll considerablyacross the pool bottom.

Suction is much moredurable than other brands.

Wheels make cleaningeasier.

It is best for thebig pool.

Very useful forpicking up all of the debris

What We Don’t Like!

The wheels sometimesfeel un-turnable.

Some reviewerscomplain that it flies out.

The customer serviceis not up to the mark.

The vacuum head is alittle tight.

Best Pool Vacuum Head: A CompleteBuying Guide

This pool vacuum head buying guide will describe the whole thing youwant to know about these vacuum head models. Through this review, you willrealize what vacuum head does, what kinds of harmful waste they can take away,what consequential types to look around, and how you can purchase your poolvacuum head for particular requirements, and above.

Let’s start!

ProperWidth: First Thing to Look

It would be best if you searched for large vacuum heads. If you havethem excessively broad, that will escalate the drag, located on the pool vacuumhead. This process will make your task more challenging to change position assoon as it is in the pool water. Then your pool cleaning job might be a littlemore complicated, and having outsized pool vacuum heads might look as if itwould finish the cleaning process done very fast, but that will not happenevery time. If you are using the head size less than 1 inch, that’s maybe the perfectsize, which will permit you sufficient scope to clean, but then again, not enoughdrag to mark yourself drained.

Wheels:Next Thing To Consider

The wheels will makes your vacuum heads stress-free to change theposition in the pool water. If you can move the machine quickly, it does notmean you will get a better-quality clean because of the Outline, which is mandatoryto increase the device’s wheels. In rectangle shape designs, the wheels commonlyare found to make it tougher to extend into a challenging game. If you use yourvacuum heads without any wheels, that will be a little harder to move around asyou have got the flexibility of your pool water to rouse them up.

Design:Most Important Feature

In most cases, the wheels are not available on several designs is sincethe best useful pool vacuum heads are a triangle shape. That Outline is bestbecause it’s above a large area but has additionally pointed tops that can rangeinto parts like turnings everywhere so that you can clean the entire pool more effectively.Rectangular made design models are excellent also, and you can move them quicklyif they’ve wheels, but then again, You might find it tough to clean in sharpturnings or rounded zones. Round shape and butterfly designed models are also offeredin the market, but they are not efficient enough to clean as the rectanglemodels do.

Handles:Can’t ignore this feature!

You will find sturdy plastic made handles that will be too much uprightfor most of the cleaning purposes, but the most significant fault of thesehandles is they can crack quickly; thus, you need to replace them. The stainlesssteel handles might turn weak if they get rust in any case. If you are lookingfor strengths, stainless steel might be a better selection. On most pool vacuumheads models, if your handle does crack, then you can replace them reasonablyand without any problem.

Otherfeatures: Last But Not Least

These features might not be essential, but they are a big positive. Theyadd to the comfort of your cleaning purpose and speed as well.

Clear Outline – The featureswill permit you to notice what you’re cleaning and check you give a ride to thewhole thing.

Flexibility – Various rectangular-shapedheads are made of flexible plastic, which permits the machine to clean to pool turnswithout losing the pressure.

EZ Connector – This excellentfeature permits you to change tools quickly; therefore, you do not need towaste your valuable time.

Air valves – These valvesare known as an essential feature that stops excessive suction that reasons thevacuum head to seize up to the pool ground.

Universal Connectors – That’s goingto be a crucial feature if you have a standard pool pole. Moreover, you have tofigure out the size of your vacuum hose.

Possibly, you might still not find a perfect pool vacuum head that hasthese additional features.; however, the more you get, the better for you. Thesefeatures will help you spend a lesser amount of time cleaning, and you will getadditional time to enjoy the pool.

InstallationProcess of Pool Vacuum Head

Many users look as if they are confused regarding the everyday useand assembling process of the vacuum head. Most of them have a query to connectthis head to the regular vacuum hose. However, there’re so many tools availablein the market. It would be best to have a pool pump, filter, a hose thatsufficiently long to range, and an enlarging pole to do your job correctly.

Let’s check the simple Installation process.

  • Make sure the pool pump and filter system are functioningcorrectly.
  • Assign the pool vacuum head to the telescopic pole byhand.
  • Then it would help if you placed in the pool flat on thepool ground
  • After that, You have to put the vacuum hose beside the returnspurt to drive the air out of the hose.
  • Do not forget to attach the vacuum plate and locate it onthe skimmer generating a decent seal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whatis a vacuum head?

Principally, A vacuum head is an essential part of any vacuum tomaintain your pool appropriately. If you need to clean your pool manually, thevacuum head is most likely a crucial section of tools you have to use.

Howdoes pool vacuum head work?

According to the manufacturers, most pool vacuums are made of thepool vacuum head, vacuum hose, and a foldup pole. To start with,  you have to attach your vacuum head to thepole correctly. This action permits you to move your pool vacuum head all overthe lowermost part of your pool. There has to be a specific room resting on thevacuum head where you can fix it.

Doesthe pool vacuum head clean inside the boundaries of the pool?

These vacuum heads will clean the edges of your pool, but it is notsufficiently flexible to clean the internal border in case of a narrowrectangle.

Dothese models collect sand also?

Of course! These models will collect sand, any kinds of leaves, andsmall branches, etc. The collection depends a great deal on the pool suctionsystem.

Arethese vacuum head models appropriate for my vinyl liner pools?

The manufacturers design these vacuum head models to work on everypool exterior, but they don’t have any incorporated brushes. Vacuum headsplanned for vinyl liner pools usually have brushes beside the foot rather thanthe wheels. Some of the butterfly vacuum head models would possibly bewell-matched to the vinyl liner pool.

Whatkind of materials are used to finish the inside part of the pool vacuum head?

The inside part of these models is finished with zinc alloy. Thereis not any rusting, only applied white oxidation, which is not noticeable fromthe exterior.


As you see, choosing the best pool vacuum head for your poolmaintenance is quite tricky and complicated. Also, there’re so many more detailsthan you’d conceive. It would be best if you remembered that a perfect vacuumhead for your pool is a significant issue if you want to clean your pool floorappropriately many times.

This pool vacuum head review will provide you with a complete ideaabout the basic stuff you should look for. As soon as you feel assured about the correct pool vacuum head, makeyour mind up, and spend money on the best-quality pool cleaning!

If you’ve any questions about this best pool vacuum head review, youcan look through the whole website, and you will find some more articlesregarding vacuum cleaning! Don’t forget to comment to us if you have anyquestion in your mind. Our expert will reply to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!