If you are talking about the best vinyl pool vacuum head, a decentvacuum brand matters in the end. Most pool vacuum head brands have a good trackrecord of developing sharp, long-lasting, well-balanced, and trendy-designedmodels. Several brands state that they’re the best in the business, but one ortwo of them have honest consumers, awards, and stability to verify it.

Therefore, the billion-dollar question is which vinyl pool vacuumhead model is perfect for vacuuming?

In this review, we provide you a comprehensive overview of the fivebest bench grinder brands.

And also, you will know

Whatis a pool vacuum head?

How to get the bearings back inyour pool vacuum head wheels?

How to use a swimming poolvacuum head?

How to keep the pool vacuumhead from sticking to the liner?

And many more

In the last part of this article, you will know every importantfactor to pick which vinyl vacuum head brand is right for your pool.

BestBuy Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head: MilliardDeluxe Pool Vacuum Head

BestHayward Pool Vacuum Head: HaywardSP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head

BestSwimming Pool Vacuum Head: FibroPoolProfessional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

BestInground Pool Vacuum Head: U.S.Pool Supply 16 inches Weighted Pool Vacuum Head


SwimlineWeighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head Review

From our bestpool vacuum head list, we reviewed a new Swimline product at the beginning.This Swimline weighted half-moon poolvacuum head is quite exceptional for its design and efficiency. The half-moonshape vacuum head is not that common. Swimline always tries to provide newtechnology and features to their products. So, let’s jump for the details-

Key Features

  • Durableweighted Half Moon design
  • Suitable forboth vinyl and concrete pool
  • Heavy andflexible plastic handle
  • Two layers ofsoft but efficient brushes


Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Half Moon
Item model number 8110
Color Multi
Product Dimensions 10 x 5 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.01 pounds

As we have described before, Swimlineis one of the biggest names in the pool accessories business. These half-moonvacuum heads they introduce, especially for those who have an oval or kidneyshape pool. Most of the vacuum head is the triangular or straight shape, andthese are not so good for the rounded corner cleaning. If you read theAmazon.com customer reviews on this specific product, you can understand thatpeople who have a round shape pool will love this product.  

The one-sided type design of thisvacuum head is helping to stay the head with the pool floor. That’s why you canclean the floor quickly and effectively. Some customers said that brush typeheads are much better than rolling type vacuum head. This Swimline vacuum headhad two layers of brushes that will clean the spots and dirt very well, and yourpool floor also gets not any scratches or scrubs. 

Whatwe like

  • Half Moon shapeweighted design provide better cleaning result
  • Durable andflexible enough
  • The brushes aresafe for the vinyl type pool floor
  • Suitable forrounded shape pools
  • Lightweightdesign easy to handle
  • Thoroughlyclean your lower and upper surface of the pool

Whatwe don’t like

  • Not suitablefor straight corner cleaning
  • Some customerscomplained that the brushes are brock down after some use
  • Theconstruction materials are not so standard quality
  • Need moreeffort than rolling type vacuum head

Overall it is a money worthy product. The unique shape and usefulfeatures make your task easy and stress-free.

MilliardPool and Spa Vacuum Head Review

The secondproduct from our list of best vacuum heads for a pool is the Milliard pool and spa vacuum head. Thiscompany is a legendary brand in the pool accessories industry. You can callthis vacuum head is the best all-rounder vacuum head. The outstanding designand features make it efficient for both cleaning and long life. To enjoy yoursummer in the fresh swimming pool, you need to maintain the pool inside andoutside a clean environment. Milliard vacuum head will help you to keep a freshand hygienic pool environment with less effort. Let’s have a look at its keyfeatures-  


  • Comes withspring locking clips on the handle for better flexibility
  • Exceptional twoair relief valves are on the front side of the head.
  • Weighted headand nylon brushes set to keep the head on the floor and wall
  • Theconstruction material is durable and long-lasting ABS plastic.

Product Specification

Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Half oval
Item model number 8110
Color White & Blue
Product Dimensions 13.5 x 5 x 3 inches
Item Weight 1.85 pounds

MILLIARD pool and the spa vacuumhead come with ABS plastic construction and nylon brush sets. ABS plasticproducts are generally durable and suitable for heavy-duty works.  The half-roundedshape body is appropriate for round shape or oval shape pool corners. This model willattach any standard size 1.5 or 2-inchsuction hose to the pool filter. The half oval shape will help you toclean every rounded corner and wall surface of the pool. The nylon bristlebrushes are included on the lower part of the vacuum head to avoid scratchesand hurdles on the floor. Itwould be best to reach the pool floor to attach with it; the vacuum head has anexact weighted head. Therefore, you can handle the whole cleaning procedurewith less effort. The vacuum head comes with nylon brush bristles, which are very gentle for your well-painted poolfloor. These heads are suitable for vinyl pool floor.

The head’s handle is spring-loaded, which is very easy to move aroundyour targeted dirt and pollution. The eleven-inch cleaning surface comes withseven sets of soft bristle brushes. The air relief valves help in quicksuccession procedures on the pool floor.

Moreover, you will get top class customer service from Milliard. They always ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

What We Like!

The weighted head smoothly stay with the pool floor

It is effortless to push around into the ground pool

Cleaning is so easy and less time-consuming workwith this head.

The rounded shape makes it relatively easy to hoseyour round shape pool.

Milliard provide top class customer service fortheir customers

The price point is suitable for all

The cleaning result is outstanding

The design and color of the product is trendy

The brush quality is high for cleaning all debris inthe vacuum container.

What We Don’t Like!

They are not perfect choices for rectangle shapepools.

Some reviewers complain that it needs more effortthan rolling type head

The connection point is not so strong

The brushes are brock down afterfew uses

With high customer ratings andreviews, this product is an outstanding vinyl pool vacuum head. In allconscience, this purchase will be a great deal for you.

Poolmaster18510 Triangle Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum Review

Poolmaster 18510 pool vacuum is anexcellent vacuum head with reasonable prices and features. You have to choose thecorrect vacuum head; otherwise, the pool floor will damage. If you are lookingfor a budget-friendly product, then this pool vacuum is suitable for you.Before going for the detail, have a quick look at its specification-


Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Triangular
Item model number 18510
Color White & Blue
Product Dimensions 11.25 x 10.5 x 10 inches
Item Weight 2.84 pounds


  • Triangularweighted head for proper balance with floor
  • Comes with polypropylenereplaceable brushes
  • Standard vacuumhoses and pool poles are suitable for it
  • The flexiblehandle easy to move throughout the pool

Vinyl pools need extra care than regularconcrete pools. So, you need to choose the best and suitable vacuum head forit. Poolmaster 18510 pool vacuum comes with a unique feature for the vinyl poolfloor. The triangular weighted head will stay with the floor and wall surface.Therefore, you can clean any heavy dirt spots effortlessly. Algae spots or damnareas become apparent within a very short time. The triangular shape of thevacuum head will help you to clean the corners of the pool.

The head consists of replaceablepolypropylene brushes. Polypropylene brushes clean the floor without doing anyscrubbing or scratching on the floor. The good thing is that when you need tochange the brushes, you can easily replace it with the new one. Some previouscustomers told us that they are pretty much happy with this product service.They roughly use the vacuum head, but the brushes are truly strong to stay for along time. So, you don’t need to change the brushes frequently.

Whatwe like

  • Triangular shape suitable for corner cleaning
  • The polypropylene brushes are replaceable
  • The weighted vacuum head stays steady on the bottom of the pool
  • You can smoothly clean the inside and outside of the pool
  • Suitable for vinyl liner pool
  • Reasonable for price

Whatwe don’t like

  • The vacuum head size is not so wide as others
  • The construction material is not long-lasting
  • Customer service is not satisfactory

Right price product,but the size of the product is a big issue for some previous customers. If youhave a low budget, then it will not be as bad as you think.

U.S. Pool Supply Pool Vacuum Head Review

U.S. Pool Supply pool vacuumhead is another suitable product for washing vinyl pools. This pool head comeswith a unique butterfly shape body that is suitable for different pool shapes.It will cover an extensive area at a time and remove dirt within a shortperiod. This vacuum head is one of the widest pool heads on our list. So, havea quick look at its product specification-


Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Butterfly
Item model number VH-490
Color White & Blue
Product Dimensions 11.25 x 6.25 x 4 inches
Item Weight 1.6 pounds


  • Comes with a uniquebutterfly body shape
  • The vacuum headhas an EZ clip for pole attachment
  • Comes with a weightedhead design for better steadiness
  • Standard vacuumhoses and pool poles are suitable for it
  • Comprehensivecleaning area coverage and lightweight design
  • Thebrushes are arranged in a different direction

This vacuum head modelcomes with a unique butterfly shape design. The smooth but durable brushes arearranged in multiple directions. This feature makes the pool vacuum highlyefficient for cleaning the bottom lines of the pool floor. The head and handle partis sturdy and made with plastic material construction. The weighted head designalso helps to keep the pool vacuum on the bottom of the pool. Another best partof this vacuum head is its brush arrangement.

The lightweight designof the pool vacuum is easy to handle. You can use it smoothly for a long timewithout giving so much effort. The EZ clips for the pole attachment help a strongconnection between the head and poles.   

What We Like

  • The butterfly shape body suitable for all pool shapes
  • Very lightweight design and stress-free to handle
  • The weighted head design hold the vacuum head to the pool bottom
  • Cleaning quality is outstanding with a different arrangement of brushes
  • Flexible EZ clips join the poles firmly with vacuum head
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year product warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • The product quality is not up to the mark
  • Product size is not precisely what in the description
  • The price is a little bit high

You will love the design and overall cleaningperformance of this U.S. Pool Supply pool vacuum head. The price is a littlebit high, but you will satisfy with the product quality.

Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Review

Poolmaster AIR vinyl liner swimmingpool vacuum is another masterpiece from Poolmaster. This vacuum head cleans thepool floor and wall without doing any damage or scratching. The productspecifications are bellowed-



Price Click Here To View On Amazon
Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars
Style Oval
Item model number 27400
Color White & Blue
Product Dimensions 1.19 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight 2 pounds


  • Designed forboth above and underground of the pool
  • Constructionwith durable ABS plastic material
  • Correctlyweighted vacuum head to stay steady under the water
  • Comes withadjustable air relief valves
  • The softbristle brushes arrange around the vacuum head

An actual worth for its price range,this vacuum head is one of the best vinyl pool vacuum heads from Poolmaster. Thevacuum head does the whole thing flawlessly and remove debris and unwantedparticles such as soil from the bottom of the pool. It makes an elegant andclean pool floor. Lots of hair found in the swimming pool is very common. ThePoolmaster vacuum head cleans the hairpieces entirely and effortlessly. The vacuumhead’s unique design is suitable for cleaning small dirt from the bottom of thepool.

The durable ABS plastic body of thepool vacuum is about 13 inches wide. For steady flat performance on the poolfloor, it comes with the perfect weighted design. All standard size hose pipes andpoles you can use with this pool vacuum.

What We Like!

The ABS plastic body is durable and strong enough

It can clean all small debris from the pool groundsurface

The bristle brushes are smooth but long-lasting

The unique shape makes it suitable for your roundshape pool.

Poolmastar customer service is satisfactory

Reasonable price for all

The outstanding steadiness comes from the weightedhead design

Comes with an air relief valve that easilyadjustable for any situation

What We Don’t Like!

Hose and poleswill buy separately

Not suitablefor straight corner pools

Some customersare not satisfied with its durability

Above poolsurface cleaning result is not as expected

A little bitheavy to handle easily

Accessoriesof this model are pretty good products. You can trust their product quality andservice. This vacuum head model is reasonable for the price and provides a goodcleaning service.

Frequently AskedQuestions (FAQS)

Does this POOL MASTER model include a hose?

Answer:This model doesn’t include a hose, but it will be acceptable to the hose andpole, which we use on additional pieces to clean the pool.

How does someone connect a vacuum container to this U.S. Pool Supply modelif he has an Intex pool?

Answer:You do not require to connect a vacuum bag or container—the hose of the vacuumpadding into the skimmer. (just below the carrier). The other end links to yourpool vacuum. You have to clean your pool filter at least one time a week.Larger surface uncontrolled pieces of stuff, such as leaves, require splittingoff with a screen bag collector.

Can you change the brushes while they wear down?

Answer:No, in the end, as soon as they went, they have gone, but don’t worry. Manyusers were using this model for a very long period, and all of them wereperfect. One piece of advice for you that doesn’t keep this model outside orhold onto its cover from daylight.

Is this model suitable for your use after flocking the pool?

Answer:Yes. The pump’s pressure is satisfactory that works just fine to give a ride tominor bits of dust and dirt.


You should purchase any pool vacuum head models mentioned in ourlist. But your decision will certainly count on the pool necessities as we discussevery possible variety for your better understanding.

In our best vinyl pool vacuum head review list above, you will noticenot only top-rated, best quality products but also the necessary FAQ of thesemodels that help you find the best one.

Don’t forget to comment to us if you have any problems regarding anyvacuum head issue. Our expert will reply to you as soon as possible.

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