If you want to know how to clean a watercooler, then you are in the right place to know about your quarries. In thisarticle, we will give you nine necessary methods to clean and disinfect thewater cooler. Drinking fresh and pure water is essential to keep your healthfit and good for your health benefits. In that case, if you have a water coolerin your home, it will always help you to deliver cold and clean water at hand. 

But it also necessary to clean your coolerregularly. Otherwise, it can cause lots of health issues such as pneumonia,diarrhea, and so on. The U.S Department of Energy suggests that to clean thewater cooler within every six weeks or else change the cooler bottle. We can washour water cooler without face any troubles. In these processes, you don’t needany professional help or use any harsh chemicals. You can do it by yourself atyour home. 

WhyIs It Essential To Clean A Water Cooler? 

Having a water cooler is an excellent way toget instant cold water at your home or workplace. In the dispenser, water mayremain clean, but it also grows the germs and bacteria into the moistenvironment. If you want to be sure that you take clean H2O what youdesire, you have to clean your water cooler every six weeks. 

You can easily clean your cooler because itdoesn’t require personal tools for cleaning. If you clean it regularly, you canuse only bleach and vinegar solution. These two solutions help kill most of thebacteria, mold, and other germs from any tools. But keep in mind, you have touse a smell-free version when you clean your water cooler. On the differenthand, the smell can change the quality and taste of your water. 

HowOften Should You Clean A Water Cooler?

Drinking pure water is very necessary for ourhealth. If you have a water cooler at your home or office, you have to clean itregularly. Cleaning the water cooler is an effortless and easy task. Generally,we prefer to clean your cooler every six weeks, necessary to take clean water.You can also exchange the water bottle of your cooler. 

Whattype of equipment do you need to clean the water cooler?

To clean your water cooler, you must have these necessary things. It’san effortless job if you have ample time and this equipment at your hand. Havea look at how to clean a water cooler. 

  • A Bucket 
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar 
  • Long handle brush

Unplug The Water Cooler: 

It is crucial to unplug your water coolerpower cord from the electric outlet. If you are not careful about that, its electricalshock may occur, which can be dangerous for you. So, before cleaning the watercooler, unplug it and also unplug other devices near the area. It will help youto clean efficiently without making any trouble. 

Remove Your Water Bottle:

For cleaning the water cooler, you have toremove the water bottle first. You need to remove its faucet also. Then, let theseparts for better cleaning. 

Take Out The Water Guard Also: 

If your water cooler has included the waterguard or spill-free, you need to remove this piece from the cooler. After that,rinse it under the water tap. Clean the guard with your disinfecting solution.Again rinse with clean water and let it sit for dry.

Fill A Bucket With A Gallon ofWater: Take a bucket with a handle so that you can easily maintain thatbucket. You need to pour the bucket with clean water. Then go to the next step.

Prepare A Solution With Bleach: Youneed to mix one tablespoon of bleach per one gallon of water. This mixture willcreate a mild solution. If possible, you should use odorless bleach because itmay help you give you a smell-free cleaning. Be careful when you will mix thebleach, and it would be better if you wear gloves in your hand. Scrub the waterbottle with a long handle brush until it clean. After that, wash with cleanwater.  

Make The Vinegar Solution IntoThe Cooler:  It is essential to mix pure white vinegar solution for watercooler cleaning purposes. It would help if you had a bucket and add a part ofvinegar for every three water parts. You can also use one or two tablespoons oflemon juice with this solution, which will give you more cleaning. Butremember, this solution only applicable when your cooler will be a minimalamount of infection. 

Clean The Inner Surface ofReservoir: 

You can use a sponge to clean the inner reservoirsurface’s inner surface. For the cleaning, you need to wet a sponge with acleaning solution and pour the remaining solution into it. Then let sit theseparts for a three-five minute and, after that, drain out the answer in aseparate bowl. Again pour the clean water and rinse out the remaining solutionproperly. Make sure that the water cleans the inner surface very well.Otherwise, it can be harmful to you. 

Clean Other Parts and Rinse Out: Ifyour water cooler includes extra parts, cleaning them using the same processand rinse with cleaning water. Let them dry before reattach with a cooler. 

Resetthe Water Bottle: 

1. Place your water bottle and other parts inthe dispenser. 

2. Ensure that it fits properly. 

3. If you can watch the air bubbles risingyour the top of the bottle, then plugin and check that it works or not. 

FinalVerdicts: How to Clean a Water Cooler

It is essential to regularly clean your watercooler because it will help you keep the cooler running well. The moistenvironment grows the bacteria everywhere. If you want to avoid this kind ofstuff from the water, you must learn how to clean a water cooler. We hope ourstep-by-step guide will help you to clean the water cooler. If you have anyquestions about these processes, please ask and leave your question below thecomment box. Our expert will answer within 48 hours.   

Have a good day!