If you are looking for how to clean air purifier, then you are in the right place to find your answer. In this article, we will discuss the different cleaning processes of your air purifier. An air purifier is a piece of essential equipment to save your home interior from air pollution. So, it helps you to make your household clean and give you a healthy life. Most importantly, air quality is an essential fact for our daily living.

Like your other house tools, an air purifier requires regular maintenance. It comes with dependable and operative quality. It is capable of capturing all particles from your home air. So, they have filled up the air filter with particles so fast. To get fresh air, you need to clean air purifier.

To clean an air purifier, you need to follow some simple and most accessible methods to clean your air purifier appropriately. If you clean your equipment correctly, you will enjoy pure air. That will also beneficial for long-time services of your purifier. 

Before you start cleaning your system, you have to read out the air purifier company’s instructions for your assistance.

How to clean your air purifierfilter properly?

Most of the air purifier comes with a HEPA filter permanent filter. An air filter is necessary while you need to clean your home air from dust, pet hair, mold, odor, pollen, and other particles. You can easily clean air filter at your home. Most of the air filter performs properly for two-three weeks. A dirty filter cannot provide the same service that you need to clean the air. Cleaning the filter may help your filter last for a long time and improve your room’s air quality. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADRS) and your room size is also an important issue.

What to use toclean the air filter?

1.  If your filter becomes a little dirty, you can easily clean yourfilter using a vacuum cleaner. Or you can also use a vacuum before washing yourfilter so that the excessive particles will remove quickly from the filter. Itwill help you to clean the next step.

2.   If your HEPA filter is washable, you can use hot water to clean it. It will help you to clean a filthy filter. You need to soak the filter with warm water and then wash it gently.


How long does a HEPA filter last?

Usually, a HEPA filter lasts for 2 or 3 years if you use and take care of it properly. If your home air is too dirty, the filter will get maximum dirt very fast. It can impact the lifecycle of your filter. Consequently, you need to cleaning HEPA filter to keeping it out of danger.

When you wash HEPA filter with water, you must check it because mineral deposits can hamper your filter.  But if you use it on a regular basis, you need to check the filter every six months. If it is filthy, filter replacements may be necessary.  You can also change one per year.

Do you leave airpurifiers all day?

Yes, we can leave our air purifier all day long. If anyone concernabout their energy usage, they can turn the fan’s lowest setting speed 24/7. Airpurifiers require a little amount of energy like your computer. So, if yourhome needs to on the air purifier all day, you can keep it on. 

Cleaning Process of The Air Purifier: Essential Tips

Tips for Cleaning Air Purifier

Turn the power off:

Before cleaning your air purifier, you need to unplug it from the electric point. If your device is not electronic, then naturally turn off your power system. It will help you to clean the purifier without making any trouble.

Clean yourpre-filter:

Toclean your air purifier, you must clean your exterior pre-filters. You can usea damp cloth to clean it or vacuum the filter, which is the easiest way toclean pre-filters. It is an essential part of an air purifier because it helpsto collect more massive particles before they grasp the HEPA filter.

Thankfully,it is straightforward to clean. Firstly remove it from your purifier, then washit with soap and water. Sometimes you don’t even need to clean it with soap ifyour filter accumulated a small amount of dust and debris. In this case, youcan generally scrub with a brush, and it will help you to remove visibleparticles.

Remove your airfilter:

It must be required to clean air purifier filter when your mission is to clean your home air purifier. Remove the filter cover first. After that, remove your air filter carefully for cleaning.

Clear the excessivedust:

Your filter may include lots of dust and debris. Take a plasticbag to remove the excessive dust and debris. You can easily remove it by usinga brush. If you want, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove this excessdirt. This cleaning method will help you to clean for the next step.  

Rinse the filterunderwater:

If your filter is washable, you can wash it with water. Connect ahose with your water tap. To remove the dust particles, hold the filter underthe water. Rinse the water gently because if you provide a full force of yourhose, it can damaging your filter.

Wash the largegrime filter with soap solution:

If the only water cannot clean the filter correctly, you can use asoap solution. Soak the filter into this solution with warm water. If it is needed,you can use liquid dish soap. Then wash your filter on both sides and rinsewith cold water.  

Dry the filter:

Use paper towels to dry the filter. Please leave it in an openplace outside your home so that it can air-dry. Before replacing the filterwith your air purifier, make sure that the filter is completely dry.

Vacuum the airpurifier filter:

Some air purifier filters are not washable. In that case, you have the only option to vacuum your purifier filter. It is a faster and safer method to clean the filter than washing it and it works great as an air purifier cleaner. If needed, you can vacuum the other parts of your air purifier so that the whole purifier can be clean. Careful that your cleaning speed has to in the low setting. By these methods, you can quickly accumulate debris.

Replace the filter:

While you ultimately finished your cleaning process, replace it inits housing. Please place it in the correct position. Then close the cover andscrews the cover. You can check the instruction on how to replace it.

Test the purifierfor proper operation:

Please plug in and check the purifier is ok or not. If it operatesappropriately, then use it to purify your home air again. You can feel it workslike a new one.

Last Words: How to Clean Air Purifier

We hope you learned how to clean air purifier properly. Like any other appliance of your home, an air purifier need to be clean quite often. If you cannot clean this device, it can harm your health and damage your device or filter. You can buy new air filters to avoid these easy cleaning methods. 

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