A vacuum head is an essential part of the vacuum cleaner. Knowing how to clean this part of the machine can help you to extend its life and prevent dirt from sticking to it. Follow this article to see simple steps on how to clean a vacuum head.

There are many reasons you might need to clean your vacuum head. Maybe you are moving into a new place, and the previous resident was a pet owner. Or maybe you are moving out and need to deep clean the carpets before leaving. Whatever the reason, cleaning your vacuum head is relatively simple, and all you need is some household ingredients like vinegar.

To make sure your vacuum cleaner continues to work properly, clean the vacuum head every 3-6 months.  If you clean your vacuum often, you can save on expensive replacement parts.

Let’s have a look at some of the cleaning tools you will need for doing your vacuum head.

How to Clean a Vacuum Brush?

The vacuum brush is the most important tool that comes with a maximum vacuum cleaner. To get proper cleaning to your apartment, you need to clean the brush as often as possible. You can easily clean the vacuum brush by washing it with mild soap and water. There are so many ways to clean the vacuum brush. We will provide you with step by step guide on how to clean a vacuum brush:

Unplug the Vacuum 

If the vacuum cleaner connectswith the electric power socket, in that case, you need to unplug the vacuum foryour safety. Remind one thing it doesn’t try to access the vacuum brush withoutcutting off all the power supply to your vacuum. 

Detach the Vacuum Brush Compartment 

To take a step for cleaning thebrush, you have to disconnect it from the vacuum. Most of the vacuum brushdetach by pulling the machine off from the hose extension or unscrew the brushfrom the vacuum head; even after you face any problem to separate it, you mightcheck the instructions that come with your product. 

Remove the Hairs and Plastics

A vacuum brush collects lots ofhairs and plastics after every cleaning. After detaching the brush, your firststep will remove all the mops and plastics from the vacuum brush. You can use ascissor to cut the mops and plastics, which will help you remove themquickly. 

Wash the Vacuum Cleaner Brush

Once you clean the hairs andplastics from your brush, you need to fill up a water bowl with warm water. Mixa mild detergent with the water. Then, soak the brush into the mixture. It willhelp you to loosen all the dust and debris. You can use your hand to scrub thebrush. If the dirt doesn’t remove only using the hand, you can use a bristlebrush to clean it. When you will see that the dust and debris already remove,wash it with clean water. This method will remove all the dirt from your tool.

Apply the Watery Vinegar  

Suppose you think that you needto clean your vacuum brush extra. In that case, you may use the diluted vinegar,disinfecting your tool as vinegar contains acetic acid to sanitize any toolsfrom it. 

You need to prepare a mixture ofvinegar and water. If you only use vinegar, it can damage your brush, and tryto avoid extended contact with rubber parts when you use this method. 

Let’s Dry It

Once you complete all thecleaning, you have to dry your vacuum brush. You can quickly dry the brush byusing the cloth. Use microfiber that is a perfect material for absorbing water.It will also help absorb oil, dirt, grease, and germs, which may still bepresent with the brush.

Another option is to leave thebrush outdoor of your apartment for drying. Before connecting with the vacuumcleaner, make sure that it dries thoroughly and is ready to use again. 

Combing the Vacuum Brush

After you have finished all thenecessary methods to clean the vacuum brush, it may stick the dirt, debris,hairs, and so on—the best way to remove this stuff from using the old comb.Just run the comb through the bristles; it will untangle the strands. Use thisprocess m time until you satisfy that your brush is as clean as you want tobe. 

6 Good way how to clean the vacuum head 

  1. Firstly separate the vacuum head from the hose. Check out the system of how to attach with any hose. However, it depends on the brand of the vacuum cleaner. You can generally pull the hose from the vacuum head or connect it with a screw, then take a screwdriver and open it. 
  2. The next step, open the vacuum head. You should follow the instruction guide; it will help you to open the head properly. You may find a screw here also when you will open it. Then point out how many screws attach to the head and unscrew all of them. 
  3. After opening the vacuum head, you will see a beater bar them from removing it. Once you release it, you will find lots of hair with it. Take off all the hair and other dirt, which attach with a beater bar.  
  4. Next, clean the other parts where the vacuum head is still clogged. Take a metal wire and smoothly scratch it; remove the dust. 
  5. When you have done your job, clean them with a cloth. If it is washable, you can also wash it with clean water. 
  6. Dry every part and reattach the vacuum head to clean with it.   

Final Thought

A vacuum head is a veryconvenient and useful tool for clean. We hope you have already understood howto clean the vacuum head through our guide. If you have any question to know,leave a message in our comment box. Our expert will give you an answer within48 hours. 

Have a good day!