A pocket knife is a convenient and useful toolwith lots of functionality for your everyday life. All knives come in adifferent style with their won locking mechanisms system to keep the knifeblades secure. But you need to know how to close a pocket knife for yoursafety. 

It’s effortless to close the pocket knife andno matter what kind of knife you are using. But it is necessary to know thesystems how you can close the knife because it can be risky and dangerous ifyou cannot close it properly. 

Many girls and ladies carry the pocket knifewhile they are going out of their house. They feel safe because of someapparent but a good psychological reason. It also has various uses such as cooking,cutting fruit, opening packages, and more. You need to know how to operate theknife before you use it for your everyday routine. 

Typesof knives: Check your knife before starting the process

As we write above the article that there areso many knives on the market today. Which process you want to use depends onwhat types of knife you have on your hand. A silly mistake can break yourknife, which can be the reason for significant accidents. In our article, wewill give you some methods of the different kinds of locks system knife how canyou handle them:

Closethe slip joint pocket knives

Some slip joint knives come without anylocking mechanism. These knives are very easy to handle, which is not intendfor heavy-duty tasks. Follow the simple step to close your slip joint knives:

  • You have to hold the knife by the sides of its grip. When you will carry it, make sure that your fingers are not over the hole where the knife blade goes. Use the secure grip with your base of the palm. Then keep your thumb aside and keep the fingers on the other side. 

(Note: keep the blade away from your bodyparts. Otherwise, if it suddenly slips from your hand, it can fall away fromyou.)

  • Hold the backside of the blade. It would help if you held it with your dominant hand between your thumb and the other fingers. 
  • You are just only applying the pressure into the slot smoothly. It would be better to work with both your hands. Once the knife closes, it should not open on its own. When you are used to your table knife and confident to open and close your knife, you can use one hand to do that technique. 

Shutdown the frame lock knives

The frame lock knives are also simple tooperate. Let’ start with how to close frame lock pocket knives:

  • Firstly you have to find the part of the frame in which you will discover the grip underside.
  • You will find this portion behind the blade that keeps your knife locked. 
  • Use your thumb to push the frame away from the blade. Then press the lock and move the frame part of the inner side. It would be best if you try to push the knife at the same volume of pressure. 
  • Hold the blade and move your thumb before you close your knife. Before push, it ensures that the edge is totally in the hole. A-frame knife holds its edge openly. In that case, you need to use extra care while you will carry this knife.

Shuttingthe liner lock knives

The manufacturer designs the liner lock andframe lock in the same way. One significant difference between these two knivesis that the frame knives don’t close, but inner blades do. You may be wonderingabout the differences. So, as they are similar, the methods of the closingsystem are related as well.   

  • When you close your liner pocket knives by downward the lock against the frame, push the liner slowly toward the outside of the scale. 
  • You can quickly close the knife with your dominant hand, but you should use both hands for your safety if you are a beginner.
  • If you want, you can use caution so that the thumb or any fingers may not be at risk. 

LearnHow to Close Your Lockback Knives

A Lockback knife is a little different infeatures from the other switchblades. It comes with a metal spine along theupper of the handle. It also includes a part that locks into a notch on theback of your blade.

  • To close the Lockback mechanism knife, you need to point out the spine bar. 
  • Press on the take-back by using a finger on the upper of the handle. These actions will release the spine from the notch. This method will permit you to close your knife. You should take some practice before doing that regularly and use this knife for your cooking or purpose. 

Securethe Axis lock knives

An Axis lock knife is a very higher-end pocketknife. It is close by a spring-loaded pin. This pin generally places on theback end of the blade. Before applying these methods, you must know how toclose a pocket knife with an axis lock system. 

  • You have to pull the pin back on the side of your hilt with your thumb so that the blade can be lock from its place. 
  • Then push your knife’s blade back with your other hand to move the edge around its position. 
  • When you can place the blade in its position, release the pin. The axis lock holds your knife safely closed. 

Someessential tips for closing any types of a pocket knife

You already learned how to close a pocketknife and how important to know these steps for being secure. So, we provideyou some essential tips for your help and keep in mind using a pocket knife.

  1. You should check yourknife first. Check it for damage, broken parts, or rust from anywhere. Thishappening can make your knife useless or can cause injuries. 
  2. After buying a pocketknife, you need to practice how it opens, closes, and holds as it should be. 
  3. It must require toclean after use the knife because a dirty knife can be dangerous for you. 
  4. Works with the knifevery carefully because your lack of knowledge can be dangerous for you.  
  5. When you close yourpocket knife, you should keep in mind that your fingers are away from theblades. 

That’s all for today. We hope you guys enjoythis article. If you have any questions about how to close a pocket knife,please contact us via social media. We are always there to help you.

Have a nice day!