Ifyou want to learn how to thread a brother sewing machine, we will discuss thestep-by-step process of it in this article. Though leaning to the thread is notthat hard, a sewing machine can be complicated for a beginner. But don’t worry,we will give you the very most comfortable solution. 

Brothersewing machines are the standard and most popular sewing machine which comeslong years ago. This machine has had lots of uses throughout some years.According to another sewing machine, a brother sewing machine is easy tothread. 

However,you may have the instruction guide, which manually includes your instructionbook. Yet, you should read the instruction guide before you thread your brothersewing machine. But if you can start your process by seeing real techniquetutorials, which may make it easy to understand. In this article, you can learnin and out of threading a brother sewing machine. Keep reading our guide, whichwill provide you all the information right at this point.   

Howto Wind a Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine?

Step 1: Position the spool onits pin at the top of the machine. When you roll the bobbin, your device mustbe turned on. But, if you already coiled the bobbin, you can avoid thisstep. 

Step 2: Wrap-up the threadfrom the reel across the top of the machine. Then scroll the bobbin around thewind on the opposite side. It will rotate in a left to the right direction. Ifit doesn’t, then you need to find an alternative way. Covering your threadaround the front of the disc and make sure it passes the left side first. Thenit will cross the backside over the front of your machine. 

Step 3: Now, you have to drawthe thread in the bobbin hole. Take the end of your thread tail up through the pitof your bobbin. The thread will move from through the hole of the bobbin. Makesure that you need to draw the thread at least 2-3 inches through thebobbin. 

Step 4: Lock your bobbin inthe right place. You have to lock the bobbin correctly so that it doesn’t comeoff when you work with your sewing machine. You have to place the bobbin in thebobbin wind shaft and slide the pole to precisely locking it in the rightplace. Keep in mind the thread tail should be face up. After that, hold the endof the tail and wrap the thread around the bobbin. 

Step 5: Press the footcontroller, and keep doing this process; unlit the bobbin fill up with thethread. Your machine will be stopped automatically while the bobbin is filled.Then use a scissor to cut the thread to detach from the wrap around the bobbin.Remove the bobbin from the bobbin wind by thrilling it straight off.

HowTo Load And Draw Up The Bobbin?

Step 1: Place the bobbininside the hole by the needle. In front of the needle, you can see a socketwhere is the bobbin is going. You need to pull out the thread about 3-4 inches.Then set the bobbin case inside the bobbin. 

Youhave to make sure that the bobbin in place in the right way so that the threadcomes out of the anti-clockwise direction. 

Step 2: Open the bobbin caseand hook your thread of the bobbin. You will find a hook and wrap the threadaround the hook. 

Step 3: When you will makesure that your bobbin is secure in its place, you need to return the bobbincase to it. Then pull the thread out of the bobbin and attach it with theneedle. Once you connect it, cycle the needle for once. 

Step 4: After you cycled theneedle, you will create a loop; that’s your final goal. Then hold it with yourthumb and directory finger. You will get two-tail of threads; first, one comesto the upper thread, and the other one belongs from the base of your machine,which comes with a bobbin. 

Step 5: Again, pull boththread tails until they come about six inches extended out. You have to ensurethat the tail placement goes behind your sewing machine is right. 

Step 6: Finally, you finishedall the activities you need to do with your Brother sewing machine. But checkonce again the manual instruction before you start sewing what you provide withyour device. If you see all is ok, then you can create your project. 

Let’shave a look at how to thread a brother sewing machine.

Followthe below steps to thread the machine:

Step 1: Turn the wheel at theright side of your sewing machine and raise the thread take-up lever until itreaches the highest position. Remember that turn the balance wheel toward you;otherwise, the opposite direction can damage your machine. Try to raise thepressure foot by thrilling the presser foot lever at the time. 

Step 2: As you place thebobbin before, it should already be on the bobbin pin at the top of themachine. It will be a great job if you pull the bobbin pin again before youstart working. You have to make sure that the thread tail which you removecomes out from the back. If it comes out from the front, it can cause thebobbin to unwind. 

Step 3: You have to draw thethread into the right channel. When you will draw, pull the thread across thetop of your brother’s sewing machine. Finally, the thread tail will pass intothe right channel in the correct position. 

Step 4: After the thread goesinto the channel, wrap the thread around the tension disc. Check that the threadaround cause you have to run this dial from right to left. When you wrap itcorrectly, pull out more thread from the bobbin for the next step. 

Step 5: In the brother sewingmachine, two channels go along the side. As you previously, put the thread intothe right channel and wrap it around the tension disc. So now, you need to wrapthe thread up through the left channel. Pull the thread all way up so that youcan quickly hook the thread to the take-up lever. Once you finished this step,give a little tug to see the thread if there is any trouble to get more of thethread out of the bobbin. 

Step 6: The brother sewingmachine has a thread guide place right overhead t in where the needle islocated. You have to hook the thread into the last guide before starting thenext step. After you secure it properly, then you can move on.  

Step 7: The final step is todraw the thread through the needle. Put the thread through your eye into yourneedle. After the draw, the thread leaves the tail minimum of two inches longand sits the machine’s tailback.  

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